Retinal Signal Processing Lab

My name is Maarten Kamermans. I am a neuroscientist. I am the head of the Retina Signal Processing lab in the NIN. Together with my team I am studying how vision works. Information about the Retinal Signal Processing Lab can be downloaded here.

Vision starts in the retina where images are transformed and coded  into neuronal activity relevant for the brain. These coding steps have to function optimally on a sunny day on the beach as well as during a moonless night. Many retinal mechanisms are present that select the relevant information from the images under these highly different conditions before the information is send to the brain.

We are studying the neuronal processing involved in these selection and adaptation processes. This knowledge is essential for understanding how the visual system works and forms the basis for research dedicated to restoring vision in blind people.


Research Lines

  1. Outer Retinal Synaptic Transmission
  2. Retinal Coding Mechanisms
  3. ON-BC pathway, Motion Detection and Eye Movement Control
  4. Restoring Human Retinal Function


General Theme


Light Detection



See Us at Work



Movie: Het Slimme Vlies (The Smart Retina)


Over de ogen als intelligente kijkers

Eurpean Retina Meeting